DJ: Mr FugiRoc, welcome to our Journal.

FR: Thanks so much, Its a pleasure to be interviewed by you.

1- For our readers who might get to know you for the first time, please tell us about yourself and what took you to the musical arena.

FR: Hi there. I go by the name of Fugi Roc, Born in Leicester England.

I have always loved music from a very young age. My father was a Pastor of a Church and my mother was the Choir leader; therefore, I was always dragged along to choir practice every Friday night, that’s where I learnt about harmonies such things.

From Church, I was spotted playing the bass guitar for a group. The MD for UK artist Lucy Slivas, called me and asked me if I would consider playing for her and the rest is history.

2 – You are a multitalented artist, a singer/songwriter/producer and a label owner. Where this sense of entrepreneurship came from that you go from A-Z? What drives you?

FR: The thought of me being the best drives me. I know that there is a lot inside of me that is waiting to come out. Furthermore, the love for my mum. She is the most amazing person in the world to me . I have to make her proud.

3 – You have worked with a number of super stars such as Maria Carey, Kylie Minogue, P. Diddy, Pixie Lott, as well as several raising stars, including S.E.L (Soulful Emma Louis), how did you two meet and how was your experience working with S.E.L thus far?

FR: We meet on the soul2soul gig. As soon as we meet we became best friends. I just love her spirit, her drive her determination. She reminds me of myself in many ways, plus her beautiful voice is AMAZING. I had to get her on a track. It is amazing working with her, I have enjoyed it very much.

4 – From the theme of your songs and productions, we came to this conclusion that there is a sense of ‘responsibility’, ‘care’, and ‘positive attitude’ in your art. What made you to transfer those feelings? Do you feel as an artist and producer that you have a particular responsibility to communicate?

FR: I think that communication is the most important part of us. When we are writing a song, it is important for the meaning of that to be at the forefront. If people don’t understand what we are writing about we have failed in the art of writing a good song. It is therefore our responsibility to write songs that evoke.

5 – As a producer and label owner, how do you assess the current music industry world-wide? Do you encourage artists to collaborate internationally and unit their forces?

FR: I think that collaborations are very important in this day and age. It is another way of sharing your gift with the world. I believe in helping each other to get to our final destination. There are not enough people in my opinion who are willing to help each other get to their goals. I will work with as many people as possible, that’s just how I am.

6- You recently got engaged in an international music production of “Magnificent Love”, a duet with S.E.L, based in London, England, composed by Loghman Adhami based in USA, arranged by late Arconte Eric in France and Lyrics by Dr. Dorbayani from Canada, which is facilitated by our organisation, WAALM. How was your feeling and experience on this multinational collaboration?

FR: I just think that it is amazing that music can bring all together . Also, it makes me proud to be part of such an multinational song.

For those who wish to follow your activities, please tell us about your forthcoming projects and that how they can follow you.

FR: Myself and S.E.L soul on now on a mission. We are going to take our music to every inch of the world! We are just about to finish her album, and she is helping me with my album, also we are doing all of her live shows together, with myself as musical director, which we will keep you informed about. And fans can follow me on Twitter:

DJ: FugiRoc, thank you for attending this interview and we wish your the best on your artistic career.

FR: thank you so much.


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