An interview with Award Winning Jazz Rising Star, Krystle Do Santos

With a performing arts certificate and a classical and musical theater background Dos Santos is able to create a unique and fresh performance style. Dos Santos’ uses a full band, and mixes genres, musical styles and her larger than life personality to put on a dynamic, interactive and unforgettable live show. She has the versatility ranging from intimate jazz clubs to outdoor summer festivals, with performance venues ranging from The Whistler International Film Festival to the Edmonton International Jazz Festival, the Epcor Center for the performing arts 25th anniversary gala and the TEDx Edmonton conference.

DJ: Ms. Dos Santos welcome to 6Qs

KD: thanks 🙂

1. For those readers who are just getting to know you, please tell us about yourself and that what made you to enter the world of music?

KD: I began singing out of high school and it is snowballed from that point. I fell in love with music; attended performing arts college, traveled and came back really wanting to pursue it as a career – and here I am today.

2. You have such a distinguished voice and your execution has unique qualities and techniques; as an award winning vocalist, how you train yourself and how you maintain your vocal qualities?

KD: First of all, thank you!! I wish I could say I was more disciplined and did more training but unfortunately it’s all experimentation and me having fun with what I was born with. Now I’ve realized that to reach a higher level of achievement I will have to continue to train my voice regularly to condition it to a place where I know it’s going to be better than ever.

3. In our organisational view you are a rising star and very talented in Jazz and R&B. Where the interest in Jazz came from? When was your first encounter with Jazz?

KD: My first exposure to Jazz began when I was very young from my dad’s influence; he would be playing everything on records, tapes, the radio, in the house, in the car and everywhere you could imagine. He is the biggest influence of jazz/blues/soul/r&b for me and I’ve just grown to love it, being exposed to it my whole life.

4. What are your artistic goals for the next couple of years? Which direction Krystle Dos is heading to?

KD: I’ve never actually recorded a proper jazz album, so that’s a big goal for me. I’d like to do it with a big band with lots of musicians and make it very theatrical like they used to do in the days of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday or Sarah Vaughan etc. I would love to take that type of music and turn it into a stage show and transport people back to that magical era.

5. We learnt that soon there will some collaborations between you, our holding organisation and our associated artists and authors. In you view, how important is having international collaborations for independent artists?

KD: The opportunity for an international collaboration is invaluable. It is allowing for reaching borders that an independent artist would never have the ability to do on their own. Also, expanding the scope of musical tastes and bringing them together truly exemplifies that music is universal.

6. For those who wish to follow your activities, please tells us about your forthcoming projects and that how they can stay connected.

KD: I will be releasing a few singles this summer that are more blues and rock/soul influenced. I would be so grateful if you’d like to follow along with me on that journey. The singles are entitled “Treading Water” and “I Cry”. I’ll be releasing a video for Treading Water shortly as well. To find out when all that action is happening, you can follow me on my Facebook fan page, twitter (@musickrystle), Instagram(musickrystle) or on my website

DJ: Ms. Dos Santos , thank you for attending this, we wish you all the best in your artistic career.

KD: Thank you! I really appreciate any help with my career, any interest in what I’m doing, and any opportunity for a collaboration. So, thank you and I wish you guys all the best as well. Blessings.


New single, Treading Water, drops June 3, 2014 – Available on iTunes

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