The United Nations announced July 18th as Nelson Mandela International Day. To honor this WAALM and its collaborative artists produced an original song in title of
‘MADIBA’, which is recorded in two versions of Afro-Pop and Afro-Blues.

The Pop version recorded by Danish singer, Elisabeth Popp is just released and here we took the opportunity to reflect her talks with WAALM Tribune for our readers:

“This project is very significant to me as a human being because to me Nelson Mandela is one of the greatest human beings of our time and someone I look up to!

Of course, I’m deeply honoured that I was asked to sing the tribute song “MADIBA”, but this is not about me, this is about honouring and celebrating Madiba’s life and the cause that he fought for…..With his slogan “One Man, One Vote” he fought against apartheid and for racial equality….a struggle that imprisoned him for over 2 decades and a cause that he was prepared to die for.

I think that Dr. Mosi Dorbayani has written some very beautiful lyrics that have captured the heart and spirit that was Madiba. I was very moved by the lyrics.

I found its melody very organic and Mr. Andysh produced it well. My wish is we all try and do our best to make this a better world for all of us and strive to live in peace together no matter what colour our skin is. On the inside we are all the same.”

Here is the Lyric Video of Madiba:

Elisabeth Popp Official Reverb: