The United Nations announced July 18th as Nelson Mandela International Day. To honor this WAALM and its collaborative artists produced an original song in title of

‘MADIBA’, which is recorded in two versions of Afro-Pop and Afro-Blues.

The Afro-Blues version recorded by Nasambu from Kenya. It is just released and here we took the opportunity to reflect her talks with WAALM Tribune for our readers:

From the time I was a child, the heroic figure of Nelson Mandela has been an inspiration to me through his writings, his speeches and his legacy of good deeds. He is truly an inspiring global leader whose humanity in the midst of great challenges inspires us all to strive towards mutual respect, peace building, and conflict resolution.

It was an honor to be invited to compose and record this tribute song, Madiba, with my band, The Mystic Nomads, a group of highly talented, dedicated artists, here in Kenya. It is important in these days, to celebrate those who have set a benchmark of excellence in integrity and leadership, and we see Nelson Mandela as a great African forerunner and role model for generations to come.


Links to download MP3 for Free: