Kyle Shedrick was born in Buffalo NY. Due to his parents’ substance abuse, their living conditions and lifestyle weren’t safe to raise a child; so at eight months, Kyle’s parents sent him to live with extended family in Clinton, South Carolina, where he remained until his adult life. After graduating high school, Kyle attended Benedict College in Columbia, SC. As a member of the #1 ranked collegiate gospel choir in the nation, he had the privilege of performing alongside gospel icons and touring both nationally and internationally.Upon graduating from college, Kyle was ready to pursue a career as a solo artist.

On February 8th, 2014, Kyle Shedrick, singer/songwriter released his debut EP, Who I Am. Who I Am is a compilation of heartfelt records where Kyle unapologetically explores self-discovery, love, and love lost. And now his talent brought him closer to WAALM and recorded his first musical project facilitated by The World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media – UK and Canada.

DJ: Mr Shedrick, welcome to our 6Qs

K.SH: Thanks for having me!

1. For those readers who are getting to know you for the first time please tell us what made to to enter the music arena?

K.SH: For as long as I can remember, music has always been with me. I’ve always loved music. I started singing at a young age in my childhood church and sung on a choir in grade school as well as in college and after college I continued with music professionally; so I never really entered the music arena…I’ve always been here.

2. What is the art of music to you,how do you view music as an art?

K.SH: Music is a tool that the spirit uses to communicate. It’s a spirit-to-spirit form of communication. Our spirits are without color…form…unrestrained by political correctness nor ideology…or religious affiliation–just free and that’s how I view music as art. It is and should be free.

3. As a raising star, in your view, what are the obligations of a true artist?

K.SH: A true artist has but one obligation; which is to live his truth and convey it unapologetically.

4. You are invited by WAALM to recording a ‘metaphorical song’ in title of ‘In the city of Ambitions’, written by Mosi Dorbayani with a melody by Andysh. A) What is its significant to you as an artist and B) how did you connect or relate to its message?

K.SH: In essence, the song is about ‘making right choices and to not rush to greed‘. As an artist, the song is significant and related because in this industry, one can easily become consumed with wanting more in a tangible and emotional sense so much so that you loose focus of why you’re in the business to begin with; so it’s important to move slowly and strategically. Avoid people and situations that could cause downfall.

5. What is your ultimate goal in music?

K.SH: To live forever. I want to create timeless music. Generations from now, I want people to play my music and be able to connect with it as if they were alive when it was first released.

6. For those who wish to follow your activities, please tell them about your forthcoming projects and that how they can stay connected with you.

K.SH: Currently I’m working on a few projects for other artists and working on my second EP that’s scheduled to be released during the first quarter of 2015. I’d love for your readers to go to my my website, and subscribe to my mailing list! That way, they’ll be able to stay informed on all the super exciting things that are happening and be first to hear new music! Also, I’m on social media sites:

– Reverbnation: kyleshedrick

– Facebook: kyleshedrickmusic.

– Twitter: kshed4ever

– Instagram: kshed4ever

– Soundcloud: kyleshedrick

– Youtube: kyleshedrick

‘In The City Of Ambitions’ will be soon available to stream from the artists’ pages.

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