Smart, talented and charming: Olivia Faye is a rising star in the world of arts.
Dr. Dorbayani, the President of WAALM Academy Awards, calls her “a musician of excellence with sweet tender voice”.

We are glad that our Diplomatic Journal of Cultures found an opportunity to conduct its traditional 6Qs interview with Olivia.

DJ: Olivia Faye, welcome to WAALM Diplomatic Journal of Cultures, UK.
OF: It’s pleasure.

DJ – Q1: What Art is to you?
OF: To me, Art is the expression of what moves and inspires a person through creativity and passion. Everyone has their own unique way of expressing their art, whether it be through the written word, painting, dancing, or, in my case singing and songwriting!

DJ – Q2: What made you to choose Country/Americana style, and what aspires you?
I grew up in rural Kentucky, in the southern part of the United States where country music is prevalent. My family listened to all genres of music so I was exposed to a little bit of everything. I always found myself always going back to country where the songs often tell stories about love and families and good times.

DJ – Q3: Clearly you are a multi talented artist, how acting in movies came about and if this is what you wish to pursue more?
From a young age I acted in plays in my Community Theater. It built my confidence and sparked my love for acting and performing. My opportunities grew and I have been involved in the acting business for several years now. It is another beautiful form of art and expressing yourself and I wish to always pursue it.

DJ – Q4: How do you see the role of artists in the society, especially those of singers, who could interact directly to people’s heart and mind?
OF: I believe that successful artists in today’s society have a huge opportunity and responsibility to make a positive difference to the people who follow them. Especially young people who are often desperately looking for role models in a world that is so torn. I hope that as I grow as an artist, I can have that kind of impact.

DJ – Q5: Recently you’ve been invited by WAALM Awards to collaborate internationally on recording a new single in title of ‘Attraction’, tell us about your feelings and that who you connect with the song?
OF: Yes, I am super excited for this collaboration with Mosi Dorbayani. The moment I heard his music and lyrics I was hooked! I can’t wait to get into the studio to record my vocals. Recording is one of my favorite parts of being an artist. I can’t wait to see how this all turns out! I’m thankful WAALM for making our connection. What fun!

DJ- Q6: For those who wish to follow your career and activities, tell us about you forthcoming projects and that how they can stay connected with you?

OF: I am flying to LA this week for some songwriting sessions and auditions. I am currently filming a movie in Kentucky, titled “The Private.” We have a page on Facebook you follow us at! Checkout my website at to keep up with my band! And there you can also follow all my social media to see what I’m up to next!

DJ: Olivia we wish you the best, thank you for attending this.
OF: Thank you for having me. I can’t wait for the outcome of this song. And as we say in the country, “Y’all” are the best!

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