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H.E President Museveni of Uganda hosts the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Ministers

NEWS Posted on Sun, October 08, 2017 00:08:35

Submitted by: Anna-Lise Voort Kampala, Uganda

Meeting in Kampala with Zimbabwe’s G20 Young Global Changer

Dr Chiedza Kambasha of Zimbabwe, was the official delegate at the Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting recently flew the Zimbabwe flag in Uganda as a delegate heading African affairs as a G20 young global changer representing matters of interest for youth under the theme for the year ‘Resourcing Financing Youth Development and Empowering the Youth.’. Although Zimbabwe is no longer part of the Commonwealth she was representing in her capacity as a G20 Youth Ambassador for Zimbabwe.

The high-level summit, held every four years, comes as the world’s youth population reaches a record 1.8 billion people aged 15 to 29. Today the youth sector stands at a crossroads, to persuade governments to do more for their young citizens with fewer resources, and growing aspirations by young people to contribute to their societies.

Dr Chiedza Kambasha a multiple award winning entrepreneur, international strategist and consultant who worked on strategies and mechanisms to develop feasible and sustainable financing platform for youth, while assessing new tools to create greater impact through access to information on commonwealth programs and projects that benefit youth in Africa.

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Shared Vision: Vancouver for World Class Arts & Cross-Culture

NEWS Posted on Fri, February 28, 2014 01:07:44

No doubt Vancouver is one of the most diverse cities in the world. It is the cultural capital of North America. From Art galleries to Opera, to Film and Music Festivals, Vancouver is a great host to many world-class artists and artistic productions.
And now Vancouver is the home for WAALM Awards and its international cross-cultural activities.

Following the official welcome message from Gregor Robertson, the honorable Mayor of Vancouver, today, Ms. Heather Deal, the honorable Councillor of the City of Vancouver met with WAALM’s President, Dr. Mosi Dorbayani.

During this initial meeting, Councillor Deal was briefed on WAALM’s past international activities in Europe as well as its recent artistic-humanitarian efforts in Canada, including ‘Walk in Style’ project (A world-wide musical project for humanity – Anti-bullying). They also touched on the future co-operation and possible collaboration of the City with WAALM as well as further meetings with other governmental agencies and artistic communities.

The Vancouver City Council is made up of the Mayor and ten Councillors. Councillor Heather Deal is one of the ten honorable Councillors who governs the City of Vancouver. Councillor Deal was elected to Vancouver City Council in 2005 and was re-elected in 2008 and 2011. She brings her passions for sustainability, arts and culture, accessibility and affordability to City Hall.

Councillor Deal has brought forward initiatives that support artists, expand creative spaces in the city, create the food cart program, improve accessibility throughout the city, retain heritage and many more.

She sings in the Vancouver Bach Choir, has served as President of the choir’s Board of Directors, and worked with the Portland Hotel Society to bring the Bach Choir to the Downtown Eastside for free concerts.

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