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Meeting of Cultures: Sense it through the Arts

NEWS Posted on Thu, February 27, 2014 01:14:05

WAALM Soon Presents:


The summit’s theme will be “Meeting of Cultures: Sense it through the Arts”.

– The summit will explore how the arts can help to foster intercultural dialogue and social cohesion.

– Symposiums, workshops and round-table discussions will be held over a three-day summit.

– The first day’s workshop will focus on theoretical and historical issues; the second day’s sessions will focus on practical ideas that could be catalysed at the summit and the third day will be allocated to ‘performing arts’, ‘live performances’, ‘shows’, ‘galleries’ etc.

Areas of discussion:

– Issues pertinent to the future of arts and culture in the world will also be discussed, with a look at questions like: How do we continue these discussions in our own countries? How do we advocate for the arts, nationally and internationally?

– Other topics on the agenda will include how public arts policy can contribute towards creating decent jobs; the importance of intercultural dialogue; art as an instrument for public good; freedom of expression; the global economic downturn; art in conflict and war zones; climate change, mental and health care, etc.

– The summit will also be used as a platform to examine various ways in which countries can support the arts. Overall, it aims to resolve how the arts can fit into a world where people are culturally divided and how they can be used to build multicultural societies, and foster social cohesion or development between people of different backgrounds.


The summit’s dedicated website will bring the World Summit’s presentations, workshop videos, and video lectures to the public for FREE further education, streaming and download. And a dedicated team, will manage live forums, Q & A and discussions online via social media Sites.

Date: To be announced – More information will be communicated soon.

The 5th WAALM Awards Laureates

NEWS Posted on Wed, November 20, 2013 23:25:54

The World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media, proudly announces the distinguished laureates of the 5th WAALM Awards:

Dramatic Arts – Screen & Stage:

– Banafsheh Sayyad, Dancer
– Russell Boast, Producer
– Yukako Shimada, Editor

Music – Pop and Classical:

– Loghman Adhami, Composer
– Rita, Pop Singer
– Raeeka Shehaby-Yaghmai, Lyric Soprano
Literature and Persian Studies:

– Dr. Irving Finkel, Assistance Keeper, The British Museum
– Dr. Toraj Daryaee, Author / Prof. of History


Jian Ghomeshi, Host/Producer of ‘Q’ – CBC

Congratulations to all the Awardees for their achievements.

For Awardees’ bio, video messages and sample of work, please visit:

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